Black Maui by SnowHigh Seeds

Black Maui


SnowHigh Seeds, USA


Genetics: 1976 Maui Wowie x The Rev’s Black Forest


US-based breeder Snow has created a phenomenal strain with this, another cross between a Hawaiian variety and a fairly enigmatic strain from Skunk Magazine’s cultivation editor. Parent strain Maui Wowie is said to have been bred from some Mexican bud smuggled to the Pacific Islands, but these days it is used as breeding stock by many American companies. Back in 2009, Snow took a clone of Maui Wowie, thought to be from Eddy Lepp’s 1976 stock, and grew it to breed with The Rev’s Black Forest, which is itself a Maui Wowie-based hybrid, coming from Vietnam Black and Hawaiian Cherry Bomb. This double dose of Hawaiian genetics makes Black Maui more islander than Duke Kahanamoku himself.


This strain has the enhanced vigor of a hybrid and is a very large plant when in its full glory. It has the tell-tale Christmas tree shape with tons of branches, each of which has a good amount of bud sites. Flowering time is somewhere between 11 and 14 weeks, depending on the plant and it’s conditions. For such a strong sativa-dominant strain, the buds are liberally coated with resin, making them quite a joy to harvest. The huge colas smell sweet and spicy with a mild hint of citrus, making it difficult not to go a little mad and try to eat them while they’re curing. Just hold on to that sanity until they’re fully cured.


When you smoke up your first Black Maui you’ll be treated to a very trippy type high with a lot of cerebral activity that is long-lasting and energetic. For the more nervous smokers, this can result in heart palpitations and paranoia, though this is rare and can be dealt with easily – just keep some good friends and chill tunes around you. Black Maui is a gorgeous smoke and one that will be seriously twisting your melon, man.

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